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Mobile jammers will not pose a threat to children

Perfectjammer 2021-05-10

cell phone jammer

It is reported that a kindergarten in Suzhou recently received a palm vein recognition management system and successfully opened the ceremony. The system can identify the identity of the parent through palm vein authentication, technically prevent the phenomenon of pretending to be a parent to pick up the child, and solve the safety problem when the child’s parent is handed over to the kindergarten. At the same time, our school also installs anti-mobile jammer equipment. In this way, you have no equipment that can pose a threat to your child.

The palm vein recognition device can record the identity of a parent in 15 seconds, and it can identify whether the identity of the person matches in less than 2 seconds. A person with permission only needs to place his hand gently in front of the instrument, and the computer will automatically recognize it, and they can enter the park to pick up the child.

We first tried the system from the kindergarten small class and about 150 parents of children, and then extended it to the whole kindergarten. Feng Yifang, assistant to the principal of the kindergarten, told reporters that in the past two days, the access control system carried out pre-identity authentication and used a mobile cell phone jammer to shield your signal. Each child can correspond to 6 parents to come for identification. As a result, many children will Dad, mother, grandpa, grandma, grandpa, and grandma have been brought to the kindergarten for certification.

Palm vein recognition device, like voice, face, signature, fingerprint, iris recognition, belongs to biometric recognition. However, facial features and fingerprints are easy to copy and have low security; voiceprints are easily affected by noise, resulting in large signature errors and low credibility; iris recognition has high security, but because the light sweeps to the eyes, users have a strong sense of resistance. Compared with other recognition methods, palm vein recognition is safer and easier to accept. In addition, it is a non-contact type, which is more hygienic because it is sensed at a certain distance from the mobile phone jammer.

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