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Block Numbers On Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Bans Cell Phones

Perfectjammer 2022/03/31

Radio direction finding equipment showed that the source of interference was on the campus of this private high school. After entering the campus, the staff found that all the buildings in the school were bungalows, and a yellow box-like device was installed on the roof of many teaching rooms. Tested by professional instruments, the frequency radiation of the device is strong, and the mobile phone signal carried by the staff completely disappears. The school admitted that the device was " Block Numbers On Virgin Mobile Cell Phone " and that the shield was opened because the third graders were taking a mock exam that day. It is reported that the transmission frequency of the instrument has multiple frequency bands such as 800MHz and 1800MHz. These frequency bands include those used by communication operators. According to school leaders, students' use of mobile phones affects their learning. In order to achieve the purpose of banning the use of mobile phones, the school spent huge sums of money to purchase and install " Cell Phone Jammer " and install it on the roof. "I didn't expect that it would have an impact on the lives of surrounding residents," the person in charge said. The instrument package clearly indicates that the effective range is 30-50 meters. "How can the scope of influence be so large?" According to the staff, since the installation site is located on the roof and there are no building blocks around, the interference scope will expand after the mobile phone jammer is turned on.

According to reports, the use of mobile phone signal jammers is more stringent and can only be used in major national exams, high-level meetings and other occasions. This private high school also uses this kind of equipment in daily teaching, which has an impact on the normal life of surrounding residents. Shijiazhuang Radio Administration ordered it to dismantle mobile phone signal jammers according to law. Speaking of the signal problem, I believe that many people have done this action before - when the mobile phone cannot receive the signal, hold the mobile phone and raise the arm to try to make the mobile phone receive the signal. This action can be said to be really "good", so the question is, is it really useful? In response to this problem, relevant professionals have made it clear that in fact, it is almost impossible for this hand-raising action to have a slight impact on the correction signal. Because the reception of Block Numbers On Virgin Mobile Cell Phone is only related to the surrounding environment and has nothing to do with anyone's behavior. In daily life, there are some factors in the user's environment that can affect the reception of data. For example, the air tightness of the urban environment in the city where you live, the density of urban buildings, etc., are all important factors that affect data reception. To sum up, if you are in the same environment,