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Block Cell Phone Pinging

Padilla Gabriel 2021-11-13

What is the effect of turning on Block Cell Phone Pinging during the exam? Can cell phone jammers really prevent cheating? To understand the basic principles of signal shielding, we must first understand how mobile communication networks work. The mobile phone needs to establish a connection with a nearby base station and connect to the communication core network through the base station. In the core network, information is processed through various parts of the core network and connected to the Internet. So as long as the connection between the mobile phone and the base station is cut off, the signal can be shielded. But after all, setting up an examination room in a city is definitely not feasible to close the base station, so what should I do? Various methods of mobile phone jammers. In middle school physics, we used to learn about metal shielding and putting mobile phones in airtight tin boxes. Soon the mobile phones will enter a non-service state. Of course, this method is definitely not feasible. It is obviously unrealistic to make each examination room into a metal-enclosed classroom. Is there any way to realize signal shielding simply, quickly and efficiently? We can imagine such a scene: in a very noisy factory, A tries to talk to B, but the surrounding noise is too much, B can only see A's mouth, but does not know what A is talking about. This seems to be a good signal shielding method. So what about electromagnetic signals? The answer is yes, the mobile phone signal jammer scans the channel from the base station to the mobile phone at a certain speed during the working process to the high frequency band, and receives the message signal on the mobile phone. Interference is formed in the process, so that the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, and thus cannot establish a connection with the base station, showing a state of no signal and no service. cell phone jammer

Specifically, our communication network is composed of one base station. The coverage of these base stations is a circle. Considering the repeated coverage of the edge, the actual coverage of these base stations is one hexagon after another. Therefore, we The mobile network is also called "cellular mobile network", and each of these coverage areas is called a "cell". Each cell will use several channels in its coverage area, one of which is called the broadcast control channel, denoted by BCH, and the other channels are called traffic channels. In the standby state, the mobile phone intermittently starts the receiving circuit to receive the BCH in the cell where it is located. Once there is an incoming call or an outgoing call with a mobile phone, the first step is to ask the core network for instructions through BCH. The core network handles the calling or called party. The core network allocates business channels to the mobile phone according to the channel conditions in the coverage area, so that The mobile phone jumps from the BCH to the service channel to realize the call. In order to make the phenomenon that there is no network or mobile phone cannot access the network in a certain area within the coverage area of ​​the mobile network signal, it is necessary to start with the destruction of the BCH in the cell. If the signal with the same frequency as the BCH downlink frequency of the cell is artificially transmitted in this specific area, and the signal field is stronger than BCH, the mobile phone in this area cannot receive the BCH signal, thus making the mobile phone in this area unable to access the network. , Block Cell Phone Pinging Is manufactured based on this principle.