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The mobile phone jammer is installed at the security gate

Perfectjammer 2021-05-14

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More and more security gates appear in daily life. Security gates are generally set up in places with relatively large crowd flow, such as airport, train station, bus station, subway station and other places. Why should security gates be installed in these places?
In life, most people don’t care whether the items they carry will cause harm to other people. Security gates are set up in various places to effectively prevent accidents. Putting personal items into the item security passages, and crowds need to accept the security gates. At the same time, when passing the security check, they will use mobile cell phone jammer to block your electronic equipment to see if you are carrying prohibited items. After all, any accidents in this crowded place will cause panic and cause a second time. Personal injury. This has a great impact on society. Although it is a peaceful society, there are still terrorists. The way terrorists threaten society is mostly to harm innocent people. Airports and stations are their best places. Security gates are set in order to effectively prevent this from happening. A place where all kinds of people flow

In addition, the prison will also set up security gates to detect whether the prisoners are carrying illegal items that endanger the order of the prison. Prison is an important place for protection. Once chaos is caused, it will be out of control. It will also affect the normal maintenance of social order, and may even worsen the life safety of citizens. Therefore, the security gate is very important, at least it can initially filter out the presence of danger.

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