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Cell phone jammers are women’s welfare

Fedi Massimo May 22, 2021 10:30

The woman was almost photographed in the bath. Using a cell phone jammer device to relieve the crisis. Most of the girls are working alone in the rented house, but the people around the rented house are all kinds of people. Some people with ghosts will take advantage of the fact that they don’t pay attention. Secretly photographed the woman in the bath
, And then use it to threaten the woman or post it online. With the anti-candid camera phone jammer device, women can boldly enjoy the fun of bathing.

Some time ago, there was a report on the Internet that the woman was almost photographed in the bath. As a result, the woman placed the mobile phone jammer device in the bath room during the bath, and the secret camera device failed within one minute. This magical effect is possible because, in this way, the device can directionally emit interference waves, thereby interfering with the normal use of the sneak shot device. Women belong to a relatively disadvantaged group, especially young women are more likely to be targeted by bad guys. Smartly equipped with security products can avoid danger.

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