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Nixon Kevin 2021-11-5

Individual cadres' indifference and numbness to the meeting will be the root cause. The cadres in Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province believed that the party members and cadres were in a meeting "without the body and the heart", and it was helpless to block the mobile phone signal when they could not always monitor and remind. Act of. In addition to helplessness, there are some places that regard Cell Phone Signal Blocking Fabric as a "magic panacea" and use signal shielding to completely replace the supervision of Huifeng and Discipline. "Whether it is a small meeting or a long meeting or a short meeting, as long as the mobile phone jammer is turned on, everything seems to be fine." A cadre in a county in the west told the author that as long as the phone ring does not ring, it does not matter whether the participants are whispering or closing their eyes. No one cares about sleepiness. cell phone jammer

Blocking signals is by no means a permanent solution to purge meeting style and discipline, nor can it replace supervision. The director of the Center for Integrity Research of University of Science and Technology Beijing believes that the original intention of blocking conference signals is to keep the content of the conference secret and maintain the order of the venue. If Cell Phone Signal Blocking Fabric shielding is used instead of supervision, it will distort the original intention of the purge. Behind the formalism, it often reflects the lack of responsibility and sense of responsibility of individual party members and leading cadres. Participants are naturally willing to listen carefully to truly important, necessary, and informative meetings; and for those meetings that are formal, convoluted, and prolonged, they must cut off the network signal and constantly think about it. "To improve the quality of conferences, we should not put our hopes on signal shielding, and we should also work hard on management.