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Gruber Karl 2022-01-11

How can a test taker successfully bring his mobile phone into the examination room, and how can he take photos of real questions and upload them to the Internet? The admissions office responded that the candidate Wu Moumou used 5G signals in the examination room for faxing questions, or there was a 5G signal shielding loophole. A staff member of the admissions office also responded that now the mobile phone is updated so fast that the Cell Phone Blocker With Tv Remote tools can't keep up, and only some signals can be blocked. Teacher Wang of a middle school in Shandong Province, who has participated in the invigilation of the college entrance examination many times, told reporters that before each test, the invigilator will receive cell phone jammer in the examination room, one for each examination room, to prevent students from cheating. A technical person engaged in digital information related work told reporters that mobile phone jammers are needed to achieve signal shielding. At present, domestic mobile phone signal jammers can technically shield 5G signals, but there are still some types of mobile phone signal jammers that cannot achieve 5G. Full coverage of commercial frequency bands. At the same time, the staff of the Radio Management Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology said in an interview with the Beijing News: A special class has been formed to investigate the matter. If it is determined that the student cheated by using radio equipment to transmit, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

Teacher Wang told reporters that for the selection of invigilators, the general selection range is in non-graduating high school classes, and no relatives participate in this year's college entrance examination. Invigilators are also required to have no previous mistakes or penalties in the teaching process. The day before the test, the invigilator will be trained for a whole day. During the training process, especially in the access control detection link before the candidates enter the test room, Cell Phone Blocker With Tv Remote is installed in the front of the classroom, and the invigilator is required to hold an electronic scanner for the students. Scanning, focusing on strict scanning of students' eyeglass frames, belts, shoes and other areas. There are also strict regulations on the scanning method. Candidates should be scanned from top to bottom, left to right, and even the students’ ears should be scanned to prevent students from wearing things in their ears that should not be worn. All pockets of each student must also be turned inside out to prevent cheating such as entraining cheat sheets. According to Mr. Wang, there are usually two invigilators in an examination room, one in tandem and the other at the same time. "Two invigilators are required to stand and sit one at a time. They must not sit and rest at the same time, nor can they leave the examination room at will, and they cannot take a nap." And each examination room must have at least 2 monitors. During the entire test period, if a student is found to have behaved, the invigilator has the right to check the student for prohibited items at any time.