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Mobile jammer prevents prisoners from escaping

Satriano Matt May 18, 2021 10:30

Some criminal suspects are dishonest after entering the prison. They often think of escape and escape. Therefore, sending dozens of prison guards every day can't come over, so a good way is to install a prison cell phone jammer defense system.

The prison defense system is a high-tech product, in which the use of radar detection alarms can ensure absolute security in the prison. It should be known that this kind of radar detection alarm will not be affected by the external environment such as wind, rain, thunder and lightning, nor will it be interfered by various electromagnetic waves, and can very accurately detect people entering and leaving the prison, if it is said to be in the prison In the case of criminals, the defense system will immediately call the police, and the prison guards can immediately investigate or rush to the criminals to catch the criminals.

In a certain prison some time ago, criminals tried to cross the prison gate. As a result, the prison cell phone jammer defense system accurately called the police, thus avoiding the escape of criminals. In addition, this high-tech security product also played a deterrent effect.