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Oregon Man Cell Phone Jammer

Lalaj Dhionis 2021-09-17

Recently, Jiaozuo Radio Management Bureau received a report from Jiaozuo Mobile Company that a certain timber company in Mengzhou has a Oregon Man Cell Phone Jammer , the shielding type is full-band interference, which affects surrounding communication base stations, and surrounding people have repeatedly complained about the inability to communicate normally. After receiving the feedback, our bureau immediately understood the situation at the scene. The timber company set up a full-bandmobile phone jammer in the open air for the purpose of interfering with weighing vehicles, causing interference to surrounding base station communications. considering cell phone jammer Due to its impact on the normal communication of surrounding people, as well as the interference to important frequencies such as 5G and aviation GPS, and possible serious consequences, our bureau decided to deal with the interference source immediately.

On September 15, our bureau, together with the legal counsel of the Mengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Jiaozuo Mobile Company, and Henan Zhixing Law Firm, went to the timber company to conduct on-site inspections in accordance with the law. After determining the illegal facts, law enforcement officials ordered the company to immediately shut down the illegally set Oregon Man Cell Phone Jammer , and imposed administrative penalties for dismantling the interfering radio equipment in accordance with the law. During the enforcement process, the law enforcement officers focused on the relevant content of the "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China" to the person in charge of the timber company. The person in charge took the initiative to ask for the "Regulations on Radio Management of the People's Republic of China" and expressed the need to strengthen learning Relevant laws, the use of radio frequency in accordance with the law.