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Mobile jammers effectively curb jailbreak incidents

Waseem Farah May 17, 2021 10:30

In the past few years, prisoners often escaped from prison. As a result, the majority of prison guards were very annoyed and troubled. However, in recent years, there have been seldom heard of prison escape incidents, the reason is because of the installation of the prison cell phone jammer defense system.

Many people will be curious, is the prison defense system so magical? Can it really stop the escape incident? In fact, at the beginning, the prison conducted a simulation exercise before installing the defense system. One of the prison guards pretended to be a criminal. After breaking through some simple barriers in a series, the prison’s alarm system was about to leave the prison. Alert. As a result, within two minutes, the prison guard who mocked the criminal was caught.

You know, the current age of technology is the age of technology. The prisons are equipped with high-tech products for prison management, which not only makes the work of prison guards easier, but also can better prevent prisoners from breaking out of prison. Mobile jammers are really a good country. Limin's good technology products.