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Cell phone jammers guarantee the quality of class

Reym Jason May 21, 2021 10:30

Ruzhou Mobile announced the use of mobile cell phone jammer during the college entrance examination. The 2017 National Uniform College Entrance Examination has attracted much attention. In order to ensure the normal examination of candidates, Ruzhou City Admissions Office specially uses mobile phone signal jammers, hoping to help candidates create a Fair examination environment.

The announcement clearly tells the majority of people near the examination room that there is probably no mobile phone signal when using their mobile phones, so it is hoped that the majority of people can understand. If you want to use a mobile phone, it's better to go to a place far away from the mobile phone jammer. You should know that the ability of mobile phone jammers to shield signals is very strong, and it can affect the use of mobile phones in a large range. Nowadays, more and more places use mobile phone jammers in college entrance examinations. The purpose is to ensure the tranquility of the exam environment for candidates. At the same time, it is hoped that students can obtain notifications from colleges and universities with their true ability, thus ensuring the national talents. quality

In fact, mobile phone signal jammers can also be used in the classroom. Many students like to play with mobile phones in class. Using mobile phone jammers can guarantee the quality of class.