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Are cell phone jammers being used in prisons

Hi everyone! I know that cell phone jammers can stop cell phone signals in a certain radius. Is it true that those signal jammers are being used in prisons?

asked Oct. 15 '19 at 14:15


Hi! Even though it has got the legitimate WSA brand, the technology will take time to compensate connectivity around the world. Mobile operators will compete with wireless technology in the tough times of the city.

Some prisons are installing cell phone jammer of desktop models and with powerful output to guarantee wide jamming range, while others do not. This policy is still in disputes and arguments. But I guess in the nearest future probably all correctional facilities would be equipped with different jamming devices because cell phone smuggling problem is real and it is hard to prevent.

So you may not worry about this aspect of our life because signal jammers have proved their efficiency and soon they will be standing on the guard of our safety even in prisons!