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Jammers are used to cut off links between criminals

Earnshaw Kim J. July 13, 2020 10:30

So far, during the visit to VVIP, the state has relied on interference vehicles from neighbouring Haryana and Punjab. Nearly a decade after it began to modernize the poorly equipped police force, Himal al-Ban received its first vehicle. The jammer cost Rs 188 million. The police also purchased two portable jammers, each costing 5 million rupees.

Diljit Singh Thakur, Deputy Inspector General (DIG, CID Intelligence), said: "Over the years, we have had to rely on portable jammer in neighbouring countries Haryana and Punjab during the VVIP visit. Now, we have our own vehicles."

An intelligence official said that these jammers are based on advanced digital signal processing technology and have frequency interference targeting global systems in mobile phones, code division multi-axis and mobile phones in the 4G band. In addition to this, the police also made recommendations for the purchase of two drones for aerial surveillance and tracking illegal cannabis and poppy cultivation. The Ministry of the Interior has agreed to the proposal of the Crime Investigation Department (CID).

Three years ago, the department prepared a similar proposal, but due to financial constraints, only one drone could be purchased. The department has more than 400 cannabis and poppy growing villages across the state and plans to use these drones to monitor drug mafia. The infamous difference between Himal and Albon is that it is the country’s highest producer of poppies. About 64% of the poppies grown in the state and 55% of the cannabis are located in the remote villages of Kullu, Manali, Chamba, Shimla and Sirmaur.

The poppy grown here is used to extract opium and then transport it to certain areas in Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan. In addition, CID plans to use drones for aerial surveillance in the forest area of ​​the Changba region, which borders Chamu and Kashmir. The border is managed by the Himal al police battalion. In 1998, after Pakistani-trained terrorists shot and killed 36 workers in Karaban and Satrudi villages, the border between Chaba and Chamu and Kashmir became sensitive.