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Material To Block Cell Phone Signal

Perfectjammer 2021-12-09

Material To Block Cell Phone Signal

A few days ago, the Linhe District Public Security Bureau received a report from the Bayannaoer Branch of China Mobile that an abnormal signal was found near the No. 1 group of Yuejin Village, Shuanghe Town, affecting the normal use of the network by surrounding residents. After receiving the police, police from the Network Security Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Linhe District, the Science and Technology Information and Communication Section, and the Shuanghe Town Police Station rushed to the scene. After using wireless detection equipment to locate, the interference signal was the strongest in a warehouse of a group in Yuejin Village, and the police immediately contacted Wang San, the renter of the warehouse. After Wang San opened the warehouse door, the police seized 3 Material To Block Cell Phone Signal , of which 2 were working. The police summoned Wang San to the investigation center of the District Public Security Bureau according to law. After investigation, Wang San was in the business of buying and selling second-hand vehicles and mortgages. Because some car owners have installed GPS locators in the mortgaged vehicles, in order to shield the GPS signals of the mortgaged vehicles, purchased mobile phone signal jammers and installed them in the warehouse. Afterwards, the police visited the surrounding residents, and everyone unanimously reported that the wireless signal was poor recently and the network could not be accessed normally.  cell phone jammer

Wang San privately installed Material To Block Cell Phone Signal Interfering with the normal use of the Internet by others, and his behavior violated the "Cyber ​​Security Law". The Cyber ​​Security Brigade imposed a penalty of administrative detention for 5 days and a fine of 50,000 yuan. This case is the first case of unauthorized use of a mobile phone jammer to affect the normal functions of other people's networks since the implementation of the "Network Security Law" in Linhe. Article 27 of the "Network Security Law" stipulates that: any individual or organization shall not engage in activities that endanger network security such as illegally hacking into another person's network, interfering with the normal function of another person's network, or stealing network data; Procedures and tools that endanger network security activities such as normal functions and protective measures, stealing network data; knowing that others are engaged in activities that endanger network security, shall not provide them with technical support, advertising promotion, payment and settlement assistance.

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