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Cell Phone Text Blocking While Driving

Willis Bria 2022-03-08

1. The antenna must be installed in accordance with the corresponding logo on the host, and then the host must be powered on (it is strictly prohibited to turn on the power without the antenna connected); 2. Cell Phone Text Blocking While Driving The transmitting antenna adopts a soft whip omnidirectional antenna, and the effective coverage is gradually taken with the antenna as the center of the circle. Therefore, pay attention to the correct placement and angle of the antenna when using it to avoid shielding blind spots; 3. The cell phone jammer should be placed in a well-ventilated place, and the antenna installation should try to avoid large objects and strong heat sources. 4. When the mobile phone jammer is working, do not stack other items on it and remove the antenna, so as not to affect the shielding effect and damage the machine; 5. When the mobile phone jammer is not used with a mobile phone , the power supply should be cut off in time to avoid affecting the normal use of the mobile phone; 6. When the use area is larger than the effective shielding range, it is recommended to use multiple mobile phone signal jammers for cellular installation to ensure the best shielding effect.

Cell phones are everywhere now. According to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Society, in October 2005, approximately 195 million people in the United States used cell phones. In Europe, mobile phones are everywhere. It's great to be able to call people at any time. Unfortunately, restaurants, movie theaters, concert halls, shopping malls, and churches are plagued by cellphones because not all cellphone users know when to keep quiet. The speaker and his friends chatted privately on the phone. Everyone next to them has to share such private conversations. Who hasn't experienced it? Cell Phone Text Blocking While Driving Prevent this noisy display. While most can only complain and give up, others go to extremes to retaliate.