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What is the connection between 5g signal and mobile phone jammer?

Perfectjammer 2021-01-08

phone signal jammer

Since the emergence of the new crown epidemic, conspiracy theories have been continuously produced and combined. For example, because China's 5G research and development is leading, some people think that 5G signals will emit "toxins" (radiation) and cause new crowns! In social news, there is always a community where the construction of mobile phone base stations is blocked due to elderly protests against "radiation". The signal degradation caused by the withdrawal of the base station came to protest again.

Recently, netizens discovered that a new product called "5G signal jammer" appeared on Amazon. It is said that it can block the 5G signal emitted by WiFi routers and protect health. This mobile cell phone jammer is priced at US$89.25. It is basically an iron frame that can be put on the outside of the WiFi router... Some common sense should be reflected, this is a Faraday cage! People who have received nine years of compulsory education and high school education should be able to see through such high-priced "IQ tax" products at a glance.

   However, judging from many Amazon buyer reviews, there are still many people who believe in the actual utility of this 5g mobile phone jammer. Someone said: Very easy to use, it does block 5G radiation! It is also said that after putting on the iron frame, the WiFi signal is weakened too much and it is impossible to surf the Internet. A reasonably designed Faraday cage can of course effectively isolate the wireless router signal.

   The problem is that this thing is not cheap, and its cost seems to be only one or two dollars... Fortunately, some people in the comments seem to have recovered. It’s not good to buy something with this money, and return the goods in vain and lose the round-trip express fee...

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