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GPS jammer can effectively jam the signal of the locator

Willcoxon Michael J. October 03, 2020 10:30

Although the GPS jammer can effectively interfere with the signal of the locator, this approach is to treat the symptoms and not the root cause. After all, GPS is still in it. At the same time, the mobile phone signal will be interfered. If there is any important call or information, it will be delayed by the GPS jammer. In general, gps blocker are not very useful, so it is better to eliminate GPS completely.

How to make the GPS positioning of the vehicle invalid? It is necessary to know that the locator is like a mobile phone, it needs to install a SIM card to receive and send information, so it has a certain frequency under working conditions. At this time, if you want the locator to fail, you need to use a GPS jammer. When it starts working, it will intercept the signal sent by the locator on the car. In this way, the real-time tracking function of the locator will be invalid, which can be said to be a simple and crude method.

As for how to find the GPS location, the most direct way is of course to use a GPS model detector. As mentioned above, GPS trackers have a certain frequency. At this time, we only need to hold this GPS detector, and then slowly search around the car, we will soon be able to find the location of the GPS locator, and then directly remove it. But it should be noted that if it is a wired GPS, it is best to remove it for professionals, after all, the wiring of a car is quite complicated.