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A jammer was installed for the fair examination

Cheatham Nick K. July 13, 2020 10:30

In order to re-examine cheating on the use of electronic equipment during the exam, the Himalal government decided to use jammers at the test center that plans to recruit police officers on September 8. The police arrested six people from abroad to take the test as a local candidate, so the time for the test was rescheduled.

A policeman who asked for anonymity said: "The state government has required Indian Electronics to install portable jammer at all 19 test centers across India." The Himalal police conducted a recruitment examination for 1063 police officer positions on August 11. , Of which more than 39,242 appeared. During the exam, imitators from Harayana, Rajasthan and Utter Pradesh appeared as agents of aspiring participants, and they entered the establishment of Matour near Palanpur Exam hall.

However, when a suspicious invigilator asked the imitator about his address, one of them failed. He was immediately detained, and his revelation led to the arrest of six young people. The police also found a car and four vests equipped with electronic equipment from them.

At the time of the interrogation, the arrested young man revealed news about the kingpin. Bikram Singh, a resident of Jawali in the Kangra district, is still at large. During the raid on his house, the police recovered Rupee. 1.1 million cash. Police also seized a car with a Harayan registration number near the test center, and found four vests with electronic devices (such as microchips and Bluetooth) inside. In the following days, the police launched another search and arrest operation, arresting the main accused and thus arresting more people.

According to the provisions of Articles 419 and 420 of the Criminal Law of India, the accused has been registered at Bhawarna Police Station in Kangra. A special investigation team is investigating. Fortunately, there is a jammer in the test room, otherwise this test will be invalid.