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Mobile jammer controls readers’ freedom of communication

Collins Blake G. October 03, 2020 10:30

During the holidays, in order to supplement extracurricular knowledge, children generally choose to go to the library to read a group of books. The library installs a mobile phone signal jammer in order to have a comfortable reading environment in the place, but some readers say that blocking the signal causes great inconvenience. A graduate student said that every time he enters the library, he will set his mobile phone to vibrate and go out to talk when he has a phone call. After blocking now, I have completely lost contact with the outside world. But most people think that it is annoying to be interrupted by the ringing of the phone when they are concentrating on reading, and that jammers can prevent such things from happening. Recently, because a certain library received multiple complaints, some citizens talked loudly in the library regardless of the feelings of others. It was useless to remind and persuade them. When there was no way, a certain library kept quiet in the library. It spends tens of thousands of yuan to introduce mobile phone signal jammers and install them in the reading room with a relatively dense readership. For the installation of mobile phone signal jammers in the library, students reacted differently.

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Use cell phone signal handheld jammer in some areas of the library. Some people think that it is inconvenient to contact in an emergency, while others say that a quiet learning environment can finally be available! What do you think about whether the library should use a mobile phone signal jammer? He was reading in the library yesterday. One hour later, when he left the library, he received a phone call from the manager and was scolded. The manager said that the company rushed to transfer people on a business trip, but his mobile phone could not work. Only then did he discover a notice beside the book return desk in the library that "cell phone signal has been blocked." He believes that libraries should not restrict readers' freedom of communication.

Libraries should have rules and be virtuous when using mobile phones. People should manage themselves, but because some people do not have self-discipline, they have to let machines take care of them. Is this technological progress or moral regression? As a member of modern society, everyone should abide by certain ethical standards. While material civilization is highly developed today, it is indeed necessary to vigorously develop spiritual civilization. Whether it is a mobile phone signal jammer should be installed in the library, we should consciously be civilized people.