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How mobile phones evolved into devices that people hate

Goucher Francis W. August 12, 2020 08:30

The inability of members of our society to manage social interaction becomes ridiculous. Why can't people ask them to leave the phone? Frankly speaking, if you have a valid complaint, such as a quiet restaurant or theater, 99% of people are already trying to have a conversation, so if you bring up something, they will usually hang up. Otherwise, the theater staff will deal with it. It is illegal to use portable jammer to prevent cell phone communication. Basically, you are creating a transmission dead zone that will affect all other transmitters on that frequency, such as police, fire department, medical staff, and anyone using two-way cellular signals. Another thing to consider is how to block the signal by generating a lot of interference, which may cause problems with other electronic devices. Come on, how do people use the phone to change an annoying person into a disturbing annoying person? No matter how boring someone is, you don't actually have any special rights to deny their own rights. Personally, I have never encountered a problem. If someone is calling, I want them to stop. Restaurants and theaters must be managed by people, and if they decide not to, then their choice as a private company is to do so.