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Call Blocking Stop Cell Phone Tracking

Sunzt Enki 2022-01-08

As we all know, the college entrance examination room is equipped with Call Blocking Stop Cell Phone Tracking equipment, even if the candidate takes a photo, it cannot be transmitted using a mobile phone. But it is worth thinking about why there is still a network signal in the examination room? The Huangpi District Admissions Office responded to the incident, saying that the candidate could upload the test questions on his mobile phone due to a loophole in the 5G signal shielding. In response, the staff of the Radio Management Office of the Hubei Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology responded that a special class has been formed to investigate the matter. If it is determined that he cheated by using radio equipment to transmit, it will be dealt with in accordance with the law. A number of technicians in the communications industry told reporters that the test room cell phone jammer or not upgraded, resulting in the failure to block the 5G mobile phone signal that has just been commercialized for two years, resulting in the normal access of the mobile phone to the network.

The 5G frequency band is relatively higher, and the staff is likely to forget the new thing of 5G, resulting in the 5G signal not being blocked. An industry insider said that the signal in the examination room is likely to ignore the popularity of 5G and forget to put 5G is added to the specified band of the electronic Call Blocking Stop Cell Phone Tracking. The industry insider also analyzed that the cheating candidates are likely to use the number card of China Telecom or China Unicom. After all, the 5G frequency band of China Mobile is closer to the 4G frequency band, and the possibility of being missed is not high. The 5G frequency bands of China Telecom and China Unicom are much higher than the mainstream frequency bands of 4G in the past, and there is indeed a possibility of being missed. Another operator technical person told reporters that the working principle of mobile phone signal jammers is to block noise, send meaningless signals in a specific frequency band, and suppress normal mobile phone signals. Mobile phone jammers generally do not support software upgrades. If the examination room wants to block all 5G signal frequency bands, the equipment must be updated.