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Application of portable full-function mobile phone signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-01-05

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In the corner of Renmin University of China’s 2015 foreign language course written test examination room for foreign language students, there are several portable full-function mobile cell phone jammer. According to the relevant person in charge of the Admissions and Employment Office of Renmin University, this is a foreign language student of the school. The first attempt to use a jammer in the selection test. Following yesterday's written test in cultural classes, today, 25 senior high school students from Xiamen, Shenzhen, Wuhan and other places will participate in comprehensive English proficiency interviews.

   This year, the number of foreign-language students admitted to Renmin University has decreased compared with last year. The brochure shows that the National People's Congress plans to recruit 22 foreign language students as foreign language students this year. Last year, the school admitted 30 foreign language students. However, enrollment is still carried out by the way of middle school recommendation. This year, 25 candidates who passed the preliminary examination came from 11 middle schools that were recommended by the National People's Congress in 2015, including Xiamen Foreign Language School, Shenzhen Foreign Language School, and Zhengzhou Foreign Language School. None of them were shortlisted in Beijing middle schools. .

This time, the National People’s Congress has detailed the candidates’ score calculation formula in the enrollment guide. The total score of the candidates will be the sum of the written test scores (Chinese, mathematics, and English each subject of 150 points) and the comprehensive English ability interview scores (full score of 300). Got. Therefore, the scores of the written examination of the cultural course are more important. The relevant person in charge of the Admissions and Employment Office of the National People's Congress introduced that they have prepared a number of written examination papers of similar difficulty. The version of the answer by the candidates yesterday was selected by a lottery from the supervisory office of the school. Out. In the test room, candidates are not allowed to bring mobile phones into the room. In order to prevent candidates from cheating, the National People's Congress also placed at least 6 portable full-function mobile phone signal jammers in the corner of the exam room for the first time. "The relevant person in charge of the National People's Congress introduced that the written examination questions of the cultural course did not exceed the scope of the college entrance examination syllabus. Candidates can answer without deliberate preparation.

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