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Block Cell Phone Reception Room

Maltese Terrell 2021-12-28

This year is the "Study Style Construction Year" of the School of Information Engineering of Yangzhou University. In order to strengthen the style of study, the teachers of the school's academic affairs office conduct random checks on the classes and attend classes every day, check the number of classes, and promptly check the phenomena that affect the teaching order. Stop and educate students critically. According to the investigation, among the five types of violations of "being late, absent from class, playing with mobile phones, eating, and sleeping", the phenomenon of playing mobile phones in class is the most serious. Since the price of mobile phones is not low, they will still be refunded to students after confiscated and criticized education, so the intensity of supervision cannot be effectively used. "Playing with mobile phones in class is indeed a bad trend. If things go on like this, it will inevitably result in the consequences of students' unwillingness to study. For the quality of class, we must curb this unhealthy trend." Teacher Zhang Huiqin of the Office of Academic Affairs told reporters. How can we effectively prevent students from playing mobile phones in class? An instrument called "little teacher" by the students of the School of Information Engineering was born. This is Block Cell Phone Reception Room . It is made by the students of the Electronic Association of the School of Information Engineering. It can shield the mobile phone signal in a classroom without affecting the normal use of mobile phones by people outside the classroom. When the reporter asked why this instrument was made, Meng Xinyu, the president of the Electronics Association, a student from Class 1001 of Electronics, told the reporter: "Our Electronics Association usually likes to make some electronic instruments. It just so happens that this month is the academic style construction month of the college. , I just wanted to use my professional knowledge to make such an cell phone jammer for the college. This instrument can shield the mobile phone signal so that the mobile phone cannot access the Internet or send text messages. When the mobile phone loses these functions, the students can only listen to the class obediently!

When this little teacher" entered the classroom, there were indeed some objections, because some students were worried that this Block Cell Phone Reception Room would affect the body and fear the hidden danger of radiating electromagnetic waves. One student explained that the instrument he made was only for moving Telephone communication has an effect, no interference to other electronic equipment, harmless to the human body, and the mobile phone jammer is placed at a distance of two hundred meters from the shielded area, so there is no need to worry about the impact on health. Although the mobile phone signal jammer is obtained However, we must further create a good learning environment and form a good learning atmosphere. There is more to be done. The college also earnestly organizes and implements the "Excellent Study Style Class" and "Excellent Study Style Dormitory" evaluation and commendation system. , To promote the construction of study style. With solid measures to build a strong and enterprising study atmosphere. The students of the automatic class said: "With such a strong promotion from the college, even the time for everyone to play with mobile phones in the dormitory has been significantly shortened. However, in the construction of the style of study, the number of mobile phone jammers is the most popular with everyone. This "little teacher" has made us no longer have the inertia of taking out mobile phones, and it has indeed improved the quality of our classes. "From this point of view, stimulating students' enthusiasm for learning and promoting the formation of a good learning atmosphere is not a matter of overnight, but depends on the long-term implementation and implementation. The appearance of the "little teacher" of mobile phone signal jammers is just right. I gave the students a piece of advice, and I hope they can study more seriously under the supervision of the "little teacher".