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How to stop the prison illegal phone?

Perfectjammer 2019-04-25

Illegal cell phones are the biggest problem facing prisons right now. Nefarious criminals to remotely through crime, illegal trade and business co., LTD. More and more dominated by their crime. Prison guards, however, can do little about the phenomenon. Currently, prison agencies are in talks with the FCC to introduce cell phone jammers

With the influence of illegal phone is more and more big, the U.S. detention center chief have to take a more active measures to deal with. After many attempts to north Carolina warden finally targeting on the signal jamming. In march this year, the prison installed two cell phone jammer. After the test, the device can effectively prevent cell signal transmission. For prison, it is a very important news. Mobile phone crime can finally be curbed. Of course, the result is the prisoner is not satisfied, they will be a hunger strike to protest. But for mobile phone crime than emerge in endlessly, the warden said this is acceptable