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Definition of jammer and matters needing attention

KONE Moussa B. September 19, 2020 10:30

Definition of interfering device: Interfering device is a device that emits radio waves. Its frequency band is the same as that used by mobile phones. Therefore, mobile phones, etc. cannot be used in the vicinity where the device is installed. This is a disturbing thing. After installing this machine, mobile phones, etc. will not be within the scope of repair. You will not be able to make or receive calls.

Reasons to use mobile phones
During this time, with the rapid spread of smart phones, etc., I felt uncomfortable with the ringtones of mobile phones in cinemas, cafes, museums, and concert halls. There are many situations that cause inconvenience to others. Have bad behavior, such as filling cans with mobile phones at the test site. Produce unfair results. In addition, important information may leak in sensitive areas such as military bases and government agencies. It is also necessary to provide a comfortable environment for patients in the hospital. Using a wifi jammer can prevent ringing and talking on the phone, prevent canning, prevent the leakage of privacy and confidential information, and prevent radio noise.

By blocking the radio waves from the base station, the mobile phone and the base station cannot be connected normally, and the terminal cannot be used. The phone is disabled. It is said that this will temporarily prevent you from making and receiving calls.
Radio wave blocked: Support GPS / 3G / 4G / CDMA / GSM / DCS / PHS / Wi-Fi.

Precautions for use

1. Before turning on the power, all antennas must be connected.
2. Make sure that the antenna is installed correctly.
3. More than 200 meters away from the base station.
4. The occlusion range may vary depending on the usage environment.
5. The surrounding metal products and walls will affect the blocking effect.
6. In a strong magnetic field and strong electromagnetic wave environment, the effective range may be narrowed; 7. Long-term continuous use may cause the main body to heat up;
8. It is difficult for a smartphone during a call to block the signal.
9. The mobile phone's wireless signal blocking device may block other wifi-enabled machines. Where to use
Cell phone jammer:
Library: You can maintain a quiet learning environment. Improve learning efficiency.
Entertainment venues, such as concerts, theaters, cinemas and concert halls: prevent noise.
Exam location: The most effective way is to prevent the use of mobile phones for canning during the exam. We guarantee the fairness of the exam.
Confidential bases, such as government agencies and military bases: prevent information leakage.
Gas station: Use microwave signals to avoid accidents.
Hospital: The use of mobile phones can prevent harm to the human body and malfunction of medical equipment.