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Cell Phone Jammer Faraday Cage

Sharp Angie 2021-08-10

It’s time for the annual college entrance examination again. Two days ago, I received a text message reminder. The content is like this: Dear telecommunications customer, the 2016 national college entrance examination will be held from June 7th to 8th. I wish customers with candidates a good news! Because each test center will turn on Cell Phone Jammer Faraday Cage during the test, it will affect the quality of the wireless network of customers around the test center, such as: frequent inability to make or receive calls, intermittent calls, and slow mobile Internet access. Please understand that you can return to normal after the exam. Why does this happen? This starts with the signal jammer for the college entrance examination. Since there were precedents of cheating with communication equipment in the college entrance examination in the past few years, Signal Jammer In order to completely prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, the big trick of signal jammers is used.

Regardless of the candidate’s performance, it’s just whether the consequences of this behavior have been considered. In today’s so competitive society, whether the future life path is frustrated, looking at the current minors’ perceptions of life, there are too many Minors don’t care about the consequences, they only try to be happy for a while. Fighting, playing truant online, and premature love are everywhere. Coupled with the development of the Internet, cognition has changed the original innocence and innocence step by step. Parents in many schools blindly pursue achievement, but relax their children's mental and cognitive abilities and sense of responsibility for their own behavior. Just like the recent college entrance examination, it is really a national exam. Every year, the attention of the society and the attention of parents and schools is like life is determined by an exam. In fact, success is more determined by more factors in ideology, character, and personality. Therefore, parents We still support the school's use of Cell Phone Jammer Faraday Cage to prevent students from cheating.