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What Is The Definition Of Cell Phone Jammer

Wierl Rainer 2021-09-17

What Is The Definition Of Cell Phone Jammer In fact, it is a pseudo base station. People tens of thousands of miles away can talk via mobile phones, relying on nearby base stations. On the one hand, the base station receives the signal, and on the other hand, it is responsible for transmitting the signal, acting as a "bridge" between the callers. And this pseudo base station does not transmit signals, only receives signals. Pseudo base stations vary in size. A smaller pseudo base station is similar to a computer host, but it can receive all the communication signals around it. Although receiving so many signals, this cell phone jammer can distinguish it intelligently and find the cell phone that it intends to eavesdrop on. cell phone jammer The mystery is that the pseudo base station can obtain the IMSI number of each mobile phone in the air. The IMSI number is like the "ID number" of a mobile phone and is unique. After the pseudo base station obtains this number, all signals sent from this mobile phone are intercepted.

As long as I search the Internet, the information peddling " What Is The Definition Of Cell Phone Jammer " will keep popping up. The seller's asking price is not high, three to four hundred yuan per set. How to prevent such eavesdropping? "Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone is in a safe state when it is really turned off." Hu Aiqun explained that if the battery is unplugged, it is safer, because no chip will work when there is no power. Of course, the mobile phone not excluded. Of course, this is not absolute. If your phone has been "modified" by someone with a rechargeable battery inside, it is very likely that it will still be monitored. In order to prevent eavesdropping, there is another trick - turn off the phone and put it in a closed metal box.