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Cell Phone Jammer Out Of A Tv Remote Control

Mata Francis 2021-09-16

In the information age, security issues related to wireless communications are increasingly manifested in different fields. In recent years, the security and security of national defense information, economic information, and scientific and technological information have been continuously challenged from various aspects at home and abroad. In this regard, my country’s relevant regulations clearly stipulate: “It is strictly forbidden to carry and use public network mobile phones when performing combat, preparation, training, and exercise tasks; it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones into war rooms, intelligence rooms, confidential rooms, and communications. Hubs, secret venues, military aircraft and naval cabins, important warehouses, missile launch positions, weapons and equipment testing grounds, war preparation projects and other secret sites.” In fact, Cell Phone Jammer Out Of A Tv Remote Control prohibiting mobile phones from being brought into important places is not the first in my country. Some developed countries The intelligence department, cell phone jammer The military and important government departments prohibit the use of mobile phones in offices, and even closed mobile phones are not allowed to be brought in.

In response to the requirements of party and government agencies and troops that it is strictly forbidden to bring mobile phones into secret-related places, combined with the fact that some secret-related places are close to the communication base station (extremely strong signal), it may cause the shielding effect of Cell Phone Jammer Out Of A Tv Remote Control (conference confidential machine) to be insignificant and prevent mobile communication interference. Confidential work methods have a certain impact on the surrounding unshielded areas, etc. Beijing Qinsi Technology Development Co., Ltd., which specializes in the research and development, promotion and sales of confidential products, is now launching new mobile phones for party and government agencies, military users and secret-related units in other fields Signal jammer device: mobile phone shielding storage cabinet (also known as mobile phone shielding cabinet, mobile phone storage cabinet, mobile phone confidential storage cabinet, mobile phone safe storage cabinet), the electromagnetic shielding efficiency of the equipment is ≥ 65dB. It can be used to block the communication between all types of mobile phones placed in the shielding cabinet and the base station, effectively suppress GSM, CDMA, PHS and 3G mobile phone signals, and prevent the mobile phone from actively and passively leaking secrets and being remotely controlled in standby mode. The equipment adopts the split and combined type, the structure design is reasonable, and each drawer adopts locking and independent management. It is suitable for centralized management of mobile phones in secret-related places such as party and government agencies, military office buildings, and conference rooms.