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Gas Stations Refused To Use Cell Phone Jammers

Velez Jocelyn 2021-6-12

Last month, a mobile phone jammer used at a gas station in Jiangxi triggered a heated discussion in the community. Generally speaking, the equipment is used in some places with higher safety. Why should an ordinary gas station have such a high degree of protection? The reporter investigated the staff of the gas station. cell phone jammer

The staff explained: “The act of making a phone call at a gas station is itself a great threat. When making a call, the mobile phone generates a weak current, which is likely to produce sparks. Once a spark is generated, it will affect the entire gas station. It’s almost fatal.” At the same time, the gas station leader said that during the two years of operation of the gas station, many prohibition signs were posted at the door, but many car owners simply turned a blind eye to it. They should call or call, and they would not consider personal safety at all. Hidden dangers. During this month, because of the use of mobile phone jammers. There was no case of making a phone call at the gas station. What's more surprising is that there are no complaints from any car owners either.