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Components Of A Cell Phone Block Diagram To Block Cell Phone Signals

Perfectjammer 2022/05/14

All kinds of examination rooms, conference rooms, gas stations, oil depots, churches, hospitals, courts, military centers, libraries, theaters and other places are prohibited from using communication equipment such as mobile phones in some cases. In order to prevent the use of mobile phones in these places, Components Of A Cell Phone Block Diagram is used to block mobile phone signals. However, at certain times, such as when the examination room is conducting an examination, in addition to shielding mobile phone signals, other communication devices including walkie-talkies, Bluetooth headsets, etc. need to be shielded. Can the multifunctional wireless signal blocker block the walkie-talkie? In fact, the multi-function Cell Phone Jammer is aimed at the uplink and downlink channels of the mobile phone system. It uses frequency multiplication, frequency division, frequency hopping filtering and other technologies to analyze the required shielding frequency; customize a spherical shielding space according to the power of the shield, and automatically within the specified range. The formation of a shielding magnetic field can make the mobile phone within the specified range ineffective in sending and receiving signals, unable to dial out and dial in, and unable to access the Internet, thereby achieving the purpose of forcibly disabling mobile phones. As long as the frequency band used by the walkie-talkie is shielded, the use of the walkie-talkie can be effectively shielded.

Due to the requirements for effective shielding distance, the signal strength of mobile phones is very different indoors and outdoors. The shielding effect of Components Of A Cell Phone Block Diagram is greatly affected by the distance of nearby communication base stations and whether it is used through walls. This causes the shielding effect to be very different between indoors and outdoors. This requires in-depth knowledge of signal transmission. The effective shielding distance in general equipment parameters is the distance measured for a specific environment. Therefore, everyone must consider comprehensively and choose carefully when choosing a mobile phone jammer device. For example, indoor mobile phone signal jammers are more suitable in the examination room. Since this kind of indoor signal jammer does not need to use a shell to deal with bad weather, because there is an invigilator, there will be no situation where candidates maliciously destroy the mobile phone signal jammer. lower cost of investment. At the same time, it pays more attention to the performance of silent and noiseless, heat dissipation, continuous work, etc., and is more suitable for use in the examination room.