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The jammer is already in use on the sea

All Marcus F. July 13, 2020 10:30

Following the submission of the NGJ-LB proposal in January, Northrop Grumman, by choosing CPI Aero, Inc. to provide the NGJ-LB pod structure and assembly, continued to advance the implementation of CB-1 to Promote the speed of the US Navy to the fleet. North Carolina Grumman Vice President of Surveillance and Electromagnetic Maneuver Warfare Paul Karasos said: "Introducing CPI Aero into our NGJ-LB team will help provide the Navy with a fast fleet capability." "They are in We have extensive experience in providing aircraft and pod structural components to several customers of the Department of Defense, and we are honored to join them in our team of electronic warfare engineering and mission experts, assisted by advanced airborne electronic attack (AEA) The Navy maintains its operational superiority capabilities."

The Navy’s EA-18G, E-2D, MH-60S, and CH-53K systems use our leading structural and assembly experience, and we have a sound record of being able to provide high-quality components on time, efficiently, and consistently”, CPI Aero, Inc. President and CEO Doug McCrosson said that CPI Aero, Inc. is also the current supplier of pod structure and assembly records for the US Navy’s ALQ-249 next-generation portable jammer mid-band plan.

Northrop Grumman is the AEA integrator of the Navy's current EA-18G Roarer electronic warfare system. NGJ-LB will fly on the EA-18G Howler, providing advanced AEA features. Northrop Grumman has worked closely with the Navy to build and demonstrate viable and powerful shipborne solutions for more than 50 years. From AN/ALQ-86 to the current EA-18G and P-8 AN/ALQ-99, AN/ALQ-218 and AN/ALQ-240, Northrop Grumman is helping to define in the following ways The future of artificial intelligence, cognitive solutions, software-defined and hardware-enabled multifunctional technologies and open architecture systems for naval electronic warfare.

Northrop Grumman solves the toughest problems in space, aviation, defense, and cyberspace to meet the changing needs of customers around the world. Our 90,000 employees use science, technology and engineering technology every day to define and create advanced systems, products and services, thereby realizing unlimited possibilities.