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Can A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phone Guarantees Fair Exams

Perfectjammer 2022/05/16

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, our country requires Can A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phone equipment to be installed in the examination room for some major examinations such as the senior high school entrance examination, the college entrance examination, the postgraduate entrance examination, and the English test for CET 4 and 6 to prevent possible electronic cheating. At present, Cell Phone Jammer is commonly used, which can block 2G3G4G mobile phone network and 2.4GWiFi wireless signal. However, with the gradual popularization of 5G mobile phone networks, examination rooms and conference rooms, or places where mobile phone signals need to be shielded, need to keep pace with the times, and the original 4G mobile phone signal jammers need to be upgraded to 5G. In view of the current situation that some criminals use mobile phones to cheat in the examination process of domestic college entrance examination, adult college entrance examination, self-study examination and various colleges and universities, and at the same time, combined with the current situation of various intermediate and senior middle school students using mobile phones to send text messages indiscriminately during class time, As well as the troubles and noises caused by mobile phones in various large, medium and small conference rooms, concert halls, theaters and other serious places of government agencies and enterprises, it is a high-tech product that has been carefully developed according to the actual situation of domestic mobile communications.

A cell phone signal blocker is a device that can block cell phone signals. Generally, I see Can A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phone in the examination room, and there are also some agencies and units, and the secret office will also use a signal blocker‚Äč, in order to prevent unscrupulous people from using mobile phones to take pictures and record some secrets. After the mobile phone signal jammer, the mobile phone may only display the signal, but it is no longer possible to make and answer calls and surf the Internet. It can ensure the confidentiality of the examination room, conference room and other places. After the signal jammer is turned off, it can be used normally. interfere with other electronic devices. When taking the high school entrance examination, college entrance examination, grade 4 or 6 and other large-scale examinations, you will see signal jammers in the examination room. It can be seen that signal jammers have become standard in school examination rooms, as long as it is to prevent candidates from cheating using mobile phones. We know that today's mobile phones have too many functions, which can be used for watching movies, recording, video chatting, taking pictures, etc. While it is convenient, some people will use mobile phones to cheat and leak questions and search for answers online. This is very bad. In order to prevent this kind of on-site occurrence, the examination room began to use a signal blocker to block the signal of the mobile phone to prevent the occurrence of this kind of cheating.