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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Blocking Calls On Cell Phone Sprint

Hickey Dean 2021-12-05

Do you feel that the current technology is developing at a super high speed? Maybe some people really have a strong feeling, because they can see it from various advanced products, such as mobile phone signals. For example, in the past, only 2G signals such as CDMA, GSM, DCS and PCS signals were used. Not long ago, 3G signals Was invented and widely used, and now 4G signals are also invented and used. But for people who want to stay in a quiet environment, Blocking Calls On Cell Phone Sprint that can block advanced 4G signals is also necessary, and in this case, a high-power 3G 4G mobile phone ganraoq appears. This high-power 3G 4G WiFi blocker is designed to simultaneously cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G WiFi 4G LTE and 4G Wimax. This is a true full-band mobile phone jammer and the perfect combination of WiFi signal blocker . In addition, this adjustable 3G 4G WiFi signal blocker is designed with high power, so it can reach a shielding distance of up to 40 meters based on the signal strength in a given area. In addition to the name of this adjustable 3G 3G WiFi signal blocker is "6-antenna high-power adjustable WiFi 3G 4G all mobile phone signal jammer", so there is no doubt that the frequency band is adjustable, and through the adjustable button, you can control The shielding frequency band and shielding distance that you want to block. cell phone jammer

The penetration rate of smart phones is getting higher and higher, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider. From small to life consumption to large work applications, we can't do without it. However, in some special occasions, the functions of mobile phones should be limited, but there are still people who do not follow the regulations and still use mobile phones unscrupulously. That's why Blocking Calls On Cell Phone Sprint is available, which can well shield mobile phone signals and weaken mobile phone functions. In order to maintain the order that those special occasions should have. It is used to prevent mobile phones and base stations from receiving and sending signals, and to prohibit mobile phones in defined and designated regulated areas.