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Perfectjammer 2022/05/16

There is less than a month before the annual college entrance examination. For the school examination room, there was a news last year that must be taken seriously. During the college entrance examination process, Hubei candidates shot test questions on their mobile phones and uploaded them to the Souti APP, which caused heated discussions on the Internet. The college entrance examination room is clearly installed with Can I Block Private Numbers On My Cell Phone , why is the mobile Internet still unobstructed? The reason may be the 5G that has been on fire in the past two years. Today we will talk about the shielding of 5G signals and why 5G signals can break through the suppression of Cell Phone Jammer . The basic principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is to realize the interference and shielding of the wireless communication signal by transmitting the same frequency interference signal. The transmission power of the mobile phone signal jammer directly affects the strength of the interference signal, which indirectly affects the shielding effect of the mobile phone jammer. This will involve the frequency band and transmission power of wireless communication signals. In order to successfully achieve signal shielding, it is necessary to transmit a strong enough signal in the same frequency band, otherwise the effect cannot be guaranteed. The mobile phone signal shielding method in the examination room has been used for many years. It is a mature technology in theory, but now it has slipped through the net. It is precisely because of the use of the new frequency band of 5G communication technology.

At present, more and more places need to use Can I Block Private Numbers On My Cell Phone For example, anti-cheating is used in school examination rooms, anti-play games are installed in student dormitories, company toilets are installed to prevent employees from playing mobile phones, prison detention centers, drug control centers and other places are in order to prevent criminals from transmitting important information transactions with the outside world through mobile phones Wait. The cell phone signal jammers installed and used in these places basically need to work for a long time. How can the cell phone signal jammers be used for a long time to ensure the shielding effect? We need to consider whether the cell phone signal jammer can work for a long time from the aspects of cell phone jammer shell, heat dissipation, chip durability, etc. The stability of performance depends on the chip and shell. If the cell phone jammer is designed with an aluminum alloy shell, it can be more effective. To help heat dissipation, if there is a radiator and a silent fan for forced convection heat dissipation, it can help the mobile phone shield to work for a longer time. The chip also determines the working performance of the signal jammer. If the quality of the chip is not good enough, no matter how good the heat dissipation performance is, it cannot prolong the working time of the mobile phone signal jammer.