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Can You Set A Cell Phone To Block Calls Prevents Exam Opportunities

Perfectjammer 2022/05/14

Some criminals confuse candidates, saying that they can provide cheating tools to help candidates pass the exam smoothly. But it was finally discovered, and as a result, the future of these candidates changed. So, in such a large-scale examination, how to prevent fraud? According to our understanding, a thing called Can You Set A Cell Phone To Block Calls is used in these years. Why is the black technology examination room cell phone jammer so powerful? The signal blocker in the examination room is mainly used to block the signals of various frequency bands of mobile phones. Usually, fraudsters need to send out the information of the test paper through the mobile phone, or they need to send the answers back through the mobile phone. Therefore, blocking the mobile phone signal is the best way. Now, many people want to opportunistically, through such means to pass the exam. However, this method is unfair to other students who study hard. Therefore, it is still more important for schools to install mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room.

So how does exam Can You Set A Cell Phone To Block Calls work? In fact, its principle is to create a shielding range that can shield communication signals within a certain range. In this, any communication signal equipment will show a state of no signal and no network; due to the current "black technology" Basically, they rely on the means of communication to get in touch with the outside world, so in this process, receiving and sending signals is an essential process, and the test signal blocker can effectively isolate this communication signal and let this cheating method. It was impossible to achieve, and finally it was achieved to prevent the occurrence of "black technology" cheating in the examination room, which ensured a stable examination room order for the examination rooms of major schools, so that candidates can take the exam with peace of mind.