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Cell Phones That You Can Block Or Restrict Calls Prevent Data Breach

Perfectjammer 2022/04/20

Cell Phones That You Can Block Or Restrict Calls

For company offices, the quick application of electronic computers will weaken the function of mobile phones, and the continuous application of mobile phones will also distract some people's concentration and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, many companies will open related work. The rules on the mobile phone are prohibited during the time. Especially in government agencies, once corporate staff accidentally leaks their job responsibilities, they are easily stolen by criminal elements. This is a very dangerous thing for government agencies. In order to better avoid such incidents, government agencies will configure Cell Phones That You Can Block Or Restrict Calls , or data cell phone jammer , to prevent leaks.

That is to say, how long a mobile phone can be shielded is not only related to its own signal strength, but also to the distance between communication base stations in the natural environment (communication base stations are not limited to large and medium-sized signal transmission towers built on the ground, but also The signal expansion wireless antenna on the top and some of the signal expansion and spread in the building), and another key reason is the obstruction, if it is a metal material, it will immediately block it; if it is a solid wall of concrete structure, it will be lost after passing through. 10 times; if it is a wood panel, the post-transmission loss of the laminated glass material may be smaller. Therefore, the influence of material on Cell Phones That You Can Block Or Restrict Calls is also very large.

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