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Mobile Phone Jammers Can Detect Vehicles

Jamison William 2021-6-12

The leakage of information by Internet companies is no longer a new topic. In the past two years, too many Internet companies have failed to implement their own security measures, leading to information leaks, and thus losing the core elements of corporate competition. A few days ago, the news of Nanjing Internet companies vying to buy mobile phone jammers was exposed again, and why information leakage has not only become the focus of public opinion after repeated prohibitions. The mobile phone jammer, whether it is a mobile phone or a recording device such as a voice recorder, cannot restore the original sound under the action of a mobile phone signal jammer, which means that all recorded information is of no value. cell phone jammer

Strictly speaking, the purchase behavior this time is that Internet companies have found a solution to prevent leaks. In some special and important occasions, personnel investigation is very difficult, and it is even more impossible to prevent recording behavior. Only by taking correct measures from the recording itself can the absolute security of information be guaranteed.