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Cheating Is Becoming Less And Less Under The Influence Of Mobile Phone Jammers

Mosby Michael 2021-6-11

The annual postgraduate entrance examination was successfully concluded, and the news about the radio frequency monitoring mobile jammer system in the postgraduate entrance examination center became a big hot spot. Since the production of this device, it has only been used in the college entrance examination examination room. It can be seen that the country will be more stringent in detecting cheating in examinations. cell phone jammer

Nowadays, whether it is for the postgraduate entrance examination or the college entrance examination, cheating can be said to be varied. And cheating tools are becoming more and more advanced. Judging from the data of the past two years, cheaters have abandoned their mobile phones to cheat because every examinee will be detected by mobile phone jammers. The current method of cheating is to transmit data via radio. As long as the cheaters adjust the acceptance frequency outside the examination room and wear a miniature earphone, they can receive and hear the answers sent outside through the data in the examination room. Therefore, in order to prevent the repeated occurrence of such cheating, the radio frequency monitoring and blocking system adopted by the postgraduate entrance examination is undoubtedly a good blow. The device can cut off all the radio signal transmission around the examination room, so that cheaters have nothing to cheat.