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Cell Phone Blocker For Automobiles

Mitchell Kara 2022-01-11

The school installed Cell Phone Blocker For Automobiles after careful consideration, and there are four main considerations. The first consideration is that some students will send messages to each other through their mobile phones during exams, and even check their compositions online for plagiarism. I hope that installing cell phone jammer will prevent candidates from cheating using mobile phones. The second is that many students will surf the Internet while lying in bed after class or evening self-study. However, there is a lot of bad information on the Internet, which is not good for students' growth and learning. The third reason is that some students will send text messages or make calls to fall in love after their evening self-study and before going to bed, which affects their study the next day. They are already high school students and are in a critical period. Fourth, during the night after the lights were turned off, students were lying in bed and doing various activities on their mobile phones. The student administrator could not control the students.

The person in charge said that, in view of the above factors, the school chose to turn on Cell Phone Blocker For Automobiles to block mobile phone signals after the lights were turned off at noon and in the evening when the lights were turned off for self-study. He said that the school also considered that it could not affect the connection between students and parents, so the coverage of mobile phone signal jammers was narrowed and only installed in the dormitory building. "It will not affect the contact between home and school. The dormitory has fixed telephones, IC card telephones, etc., and it does not affect the communication between students and teachers." Before installing the mobile phone signal jammer, the school did some investigations to find out. The person in charge said, "The school sent a letter to parents, and many parents support this approach." In addition, the school also held a mobilization meeting for students. Most of the students were in favor, and only a small number of students had opinions. As for some students, mobile phone jammers can cause headaches. The person in charge said that there is no scientific basis to explain that mobile phone jammers can cause headaches, and the school will consult experts to investigate. If experts find that there is an impact, the school should make adjustments, "everything must be done in the interests of students."