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Device To Scramble Cell Phone Signal

Harris Gary 2021-12-02

The age of owning a smartphone is decreasing year by year, and many families have elementary school students. Some people worry about the influence of electromagnetic waves emitted by smartphones. I use it every day and feel that electromagnetic waves cannot be prevented. There are many ways to protect yourself. Simple and affordable Device To Scramble Cell Phone Signal Yes. This device can block the signal of the smartphone. This is the perfect solution to preserve privacy and confidentiality. cell phone jammer

Although this kind of machine will have a certain inhibitory effect on the increasingly serious mobile phone pollution in the current society, it is based on the premise of destroying telecommunications signals. To some extent, it has disrupted the order of regional wireless communication. The use by criminals will obviously have a counterproductive effect. This machine seller told the reporter that it is definitely legal to sell and use this machine. However, the reporter learned from the Shanghai Municipal Communications Administration that the relevant departments have not yet been able to determine the legality of this jammer. Relevant people appealed that Device To Scramble Cell Phone Signal For such a "double-edged sword" machine, it is best to implement a monopoly to ensure that it is used in a legal way. It is understood that the current market price of this type of "mobile phone killer" is about 5,000 yuan, which is said to have been used by many units. At present, the largest user groups are gas stations, theaters, and libraries. Since these areas are not suitable for using mobile phones, the forced shutdown is abrupt. Therefore, they simply use this kind of machine to destroy the signal and make the mobile phone "dumb". It is understood that