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Cell Phone Signal Blocking Suspicous

Topcu Abdullah 2022-02-21

How to choose and adopt engineering-grade Cell Phone Signal Blocking Suspicous ? What is an engineering-grade mobile phone signal jammer? In fact, the engineering-grade cell phone jammer is derived from the hardware upgrade of ordinary mobile phone signal jammers. It is more refined in workmanship, more wear-resistant and heat-resistant in appearance, faster in heat dissipation, and a machine with continuous standby for more than 48 hours. Generally, the machine is used for engineering construction, important examination places, and places that need to be turned on for a long time. How to choose a good engineering-grade mobile phone jammer? This is also very simple, as long as you use a mobile phone signal jammer, just lock the antenna and open the machine and you can use it.

Features of engineering-grade mobile phone signal jammer, effectively shielding CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), SCDMA (Netcom Dalingtong), DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS), 3G /4G/GPS/5.8G/Beidou. All communication signals such as mobile phone signals and walkie-talkie signals, super thick shell, double fan high heat dissipation white aluminum shell, the surface can be OEM or silk screen logo according to customer needs (free screen printing service) The transmission power is 25W, which can be used in the cigarette lighter car superior. The effective shielding distance is adjustable from 1 to 25 meters (debugged before leaving the factory). Some friends also asked what is the difference between the Cell Phone Signal Blocking Suspicous of the built-in antenna and the mobile phone signal shielding of the external antenna? Isn't the effect of an external antenna better? Not so. The effect of mobile phone signal jammers with external and built-in antennas is almost the same. Because the built-in antenna is in the host, it will use a gain antenna to make up for it, while the external antenna uses a whip antenna. Relatively speaking, it is better to use a built-in antenna in the examination room, because the shielding is better, and candidates will not feel pressure when they see it.