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Cell phone jammers control the time for children to fall asleep

Paladini laetitia May 6, 2021 10:30

On our website, there are all kinds of cell phone jammer, from low output power (used in conference rooms) to ultra- (used in prisons and other military facilities). If you need a mobile phone jammer, our products are your best choice. We provide hundreds of jammers for different purposes to meet all customer needs. We are a leading supplier of mobile phone jammers and can provide the best mobile phone jammers for online sales. We can assure you that our cell phone jammer products have excellent quality and reasonable prices, which makes our cell phone jammers the most competitive.

The mobile phone jammer decided to prevent all mobile phone signals from entering the prison. We have twoversions, each with an output power of up to 100 watts, and can customize up to 7 frequency bands for GSM, DCS jammers, PCS, 3G, 4G LTE signals Winmax ; It supports up to 6 frequency bands, and the protection range of the 90-degree antenna is up to 60 meters. Two frequency bands are integrated in one antenna, and 20-30 units can be installed centrally, which can protect all mobile phone signals, which is blocked in every prison room. The best solution. For families, babysitters cannot use mobile phones or ipads at night to affect sleep on social networks. Please use 4G and WIFI. The timer function that can set working hours can cut off the connection and let them fall asleep, so you can control the exact time your child falls asleep and stop working when the child falls asleep.