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Mobile jammers are the most effective for interrupting signals

Perfectjammer 2021-03-27

cell phone jammer

According to the press release, Director Tony Parker called for action after the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) submitted a report. The report reports the effectiveness of micro-interference technology in blocking illegal cell phone signals in correctional facilities.

The report details the results of a micro-interference technology pilot study conducted by the Department of Justice/Federal Prisons in South Carolina state prisons.

"This pilot program is a clear example of the available cell phone jammer technology. It has been tested in a real corrective environment. The result will invalidate illegal mobile phones in Tennessee prisons without interfering with legal communication equipment outside the target area." Parker Said in a statement.

Drug smuggling networks have used illegal cell phones in prisons to facilitate attacks and escape attempts and other illegal activities. In 2005, a contraband cell phone helped a prisoner escape, which eventually led to the murder of Tennessee law enforcement officer Wayne "Cotton" Morgan.

The disciplinary industry has repeatedly asked for permission to use "cell phone jammer" technology to disable cell phones in prisons. Last year, Senator Ken Yage (R-Kingston) and Representative William Lambert (R-Portland) initiated a resolution at the Tennessee General Assembly calling on the Federal Communications Commission to support the use of jamming technology in Tennessee prisons.

The mobile phone jammer successfully aroused people's interest Cell phone jammer cuts the prison from the outside world