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Cell phone jammer cuts the prison from the outside world

Perfectjammer 2021-03-25

cell phone jammer

Kolkata: The state government has decided to install cell phone jammer, and its technology has been improved so that voice calls can be restricted even with 4G connected phones. The prison will initially be installed in three prisons-Aliopore Cerntral, Dum Dum Central and Presidency Prison-the first prison in the country to benefit from this modern technology.

The state government is interested in installing cell phone jammers in prisons so that inmates do not have the opportunity to contact the outside world, but for this, the state government must obtain approval from the Central Cabinet Security Team-which determines the specifications and frequency of these devices by the cabinet agencies. The Minister of Corrections, Haider Ali Safi, said: “We recently received a nomination from the central government to fire their positions at Bharat Electric Co. and India Electronics Co., Ltd. We requested two organizations Both make offers."

"More importantly, all telecommunications companies are bringing their 4G services to the market so that the current devices tuned to 2G and 3G services cannot block the voice from phones that support 4G. Therefore, do we ask them to upgrade their cell phone jammers? equipment."

A prison official said: “We retrieve 80 to 90 mobile phones from the prison every month. It is difficult to prevent prisoners from getting their phones from outside. With these mobile phones, they can control the outside world very easily,” the prison official said.

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