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Mobile jammers used in sensitive test centers

Perfectjammer 2021-03-24

cell phone jammer

GUWAHATI: It is recommended to use mobile phone jammers to prevent mobile phones from disrupting the test of the state's subsequent XII level exams, which may cause obstacles. The funding restrictions of the All High School Education Commission (AHSEC) continue to improve the support of the technical level test center .

In recent years, following the emergence of cell phone questionnaires in the State Council’s X-level and XII-level examinations, the committee has planned to use cell phone jammer, especially in sensitive test centers.

"The final decision on the use of mobile phone jammers in the subsequent twelfth State Council review will only be made at the upcoming board meeting. If funds permit, jammers will be installed in some sensitive test centers. However, in view of this Fund restrictions, the use of jammers is very likely to be restricted.

This year, more than two Lakh candidates took the State Department’s XII exam from 826 test centers, and 21 of them (mainly located in remote areas) were rated as sensitive.

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