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Cell Phone Jammer Frequency Range

Holmes Mark 2021-09-21

Although Cell Phone Jammer Frequency Range will produce radiation, it will not kill it with a single stick. Mobile phones, microwave ovens, and TVs all have radiation. Why is no one to stop these? According to industry insiders, the human body hazard of mobile phone jammers "Behind the introduction, there is actually a conflict of interest hidden: the market dispute between mobile phone detectors and mobile phone jammers. The person pointed out that the initiator of the objection to the mobile phone signal jammer is precisely the manufacturer of the detector. The mobile phone detector is also called "mobile phone detection dog", which judges the communication status of the mobile phone by receiving, analyzing, and detecting mobile phone signals, and then visually displays the mobile phone communication status within a specific range. cell phone jammer Before a large number of them were released, mobile phone detectors were also used as monitoring methods in many examination rooms. "The market for mobile phone jammers and detectors is in a trade-off relationship. After the mass production of mobile phone signal jammers, the market for mobile phone detectors will shrink." The person pointed out.

In the main propaganda slogan of the detector, the manufacturer emphasized "no impact on the environment and no harm to the human body". Coincidentally, the main point of opposing the use of Cell Phone Jammer Frequency Range is almost tit-for-tat "radiation generated by mobile phone signal jammers is harmful to the human body." Such a one-size-fits-all approach to judge the degree of harm of the shielding device has made the regular shielding device manufacturers quite indignant. "Radiation is two different things from being harmful to the human body. How can one draw an equal sign?" One manufacturer said, just like mobile phones, microwave ovens, and televisions all have radiation, and some have quite large field strengths, but outside a certain range, certain Within a period of time, this kind of harm is negligible and will not cause irreparable damage to the human body. Therefore, these products will be widely used in the society without being abandoned. According to the source, in fact, both the detector and the mobile phone jammer are currently facing a technical threshold, that is, it is difficult to detect all wireless signals. For example, the detector is basically invalid to the signal of the Bluetooth headset. This has intensified the battle between the two parties on the market.