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Jammers can reduce myopia

Austin O. Apr 14, 2020 14:30

Nowadays, children use mobile phones more and more. And more and more teenagers are wearing glasses. What's wrong The academic world has the answer. Electronic devices emit harmful blue light, which may harm our eyes. As a result, the longer the child uses the mobile phone, the faster his or her myopia will be. To this end, the Institute of Child Health has developed a device called a cell phone portable jammer.

Nowadays, with the help of very advanced communication technology, people can see electronic devices everywhere when they go out. These intelligent humanized products make our life, study and work more convenient. However, where electronic products are not needed or refused to be used, I think electronic products are not timely and troublesome. For example, in a quiet hospital, the phone rang suddenly. Some people use mobile phones in movie theaters, except for the movie itself, it should have no lights. At the concert, everyone likes the beauty of musical instruments. I forgot to turn off the ringtone on a cell phone. This beautiful thing is on the way. There are many similar situations.

Disruptors are necessary at this time. What is a jammer? According to the model of the product itself, it can be divided into large jammers and portable jammers. Large signal circuit breakers are mainly used in churches, hospitals and schools. Mobile phone jammers can be carried and used with you when conditions permit. I think this should reduce many unnecessary troubles in life. It is not expensive and is tolerable to the public.


The device may emit radio interference, which effectively prevents signal transmission from the mobile phone network. This can effectively prevent children from using the phone for a long time. The device is currently very popular among parents in Europe. In the US, certain trends are beginning to become popular, and it is estimated that in the future, families with young children will have a jammer.