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Robo Call Blocker For Cell Phone

Liu Gigi 2022-01-01

Now there are more and more friends who have cars. After parking, the car will automatically unlock when you press the remote control. Recently in Qingdao, a thief spotted this remote control lock, using "high-tech" to shield the lock signal, and then open the car door to steal. Mr. Liu is the head of the loss prevention department of a supermarket in Qingdao. A man who had been wandering in the parking lot for more than 20 minutes the day before yesterday made him feel suspicious. Then he found that a white car had stopped and the man immediately walked up. Two ladies got off the white car, one of them pressed cell phone jammer , and the man had Robo Call Blocker For Cell Phone in his hand and stood beside the white car. The lady pressed the remote control and left, and the man on the side followed the two ladies for a distance. However, then another man returned.

The man opened the door of the car casually. One minute after entering the car, he got out of the car and closed the door, and then opened the trunk of the car. The whole process is the same as operating your own car. At this time, the security guards waiting at the side took control of the two suspects and found the owner of the car through the supermarket broadcast. Liu Tongwei told reporters that the two suspects actually used a car remote control Robo Call Blocker For Cell Phone , which made the car remote control invalid and the car door could not be locked. The reporter found in the parking lot that there are really many car owners who carelessly. Many car owners just use the remote control to lock the central lock after leaving the car. They rarely pull down the car door to reconfirm the success of the lock. Here, Qilu.com reminds the owner that it is best to pull the door with your hand to check whether the door is really locked to prevent trouble.