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Punishment For Using A Cell Phone Jammer Reddit

Poth Steven 2021-09-10

When the mobile phone signal jammer is in use, it will not interfere with the operation of other electronic devices. This is because the electromagnetic signal sent by Punishment For Using A Cell Phone Jammer Reddit is completely within the collection working frequency band specified by the country and will only block mobile phone communication. And this signal is always in a relatively static state and will not affect any electronic equipment. In the cell phone signal shielding range, although there are cases where the cell phone signal is full, in fact, it will show that there is no signal when it is used. At this time, the cell phone is just a small brick. cell phone jammer Factors that affect the shielding range include, but are not limited to: distance from the base station, orientation, obstructions, the wall material of the site building, the installation height of the mobile phone jammer, installation specifications, etc.; the equipment has been strictly tested before leaving the factory And aging, but it does not rule out the phenomenon of individual drop and damage of the equipment during transportation. If the customer shakes the equipment slightly after receiving the goods, and hears the sound of parts falling off, please stop using it and contact the dealer or manufacturer for immediate repair;

Some netizens broke the news in Xin'anjiang Middle School Post Bar, saying "I heard that Punishment For Using A Cell Phone Jammer Reddit is harmful to the body". In the following days, there were a few more posts about the school's mobile phone signal jammer, which triggered discussions among many netizens. Another netizen made up a poem: "I saw high-voltage lines during the day, high-tension lines at night, and high-tension lines every day...", and nearly 30 comments were posted.