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Couture Michel 2021-09-19

According to German media reports, the US National Security Agency is now able to invade all mainstream smartphones. Confidential documents from the bureau and the British Government Communications Headquarters show that the National Security Agency of the United States has set up special research teams for different mobile phone systems to "break through" the protective measures of various types of mobile phone operating systems to secretly access mobile phone data. No matter where it is produced, no matter what brand of smartphones, as long as they use Google Android, Microsoft Windows Mobile, Apple iPhone iOS and other operating systems, then it is under the control of the bureau. It is said that the bureau uses its decoding technology to not only import and store the calls of 1 billion mobile phones a day, but also copy the address book, text messages, notepads, photos and videos on the smartphone. This means that any brand-name smart phone user may become the person being monitored. Speaking of which, you still don’t feel scared, Cell Phone Jammer For Small Room can help you prevent others from spying on your privacy. cell phone jammer It can help you prevent your own excessive surfing, and it can also restrict others' unethical behavior.

Smart phones can not only instantly surf the Internet, send Weibo and WeChat, but also are equipped with a high-resolution camera, allowing people to take pictures of all kinds of new things that they occasionally encounter at any time, and share them with others on the Internet. Right now, when surfing on military websites, you can often see new weapons and equipment of our army taken by netizens. Some military enthusiasts not only appreciate it by themselves, but even share it with netizens on the Internet. As everyone knows, this kind of behavior has intentionally or unconsciously turned himself into an out-and-out "discloser". The US media recently claimed that US intelligence personnel have used Chinese networks to thoroughly understand the performance of China’s first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning ship. It is reported that Peter Singer, director of the 21st Century Security and Intelligence Center of the Brookings Institution, and his co-researcher Jeffrey Lin relied on the images searched on Google, and recently completed an analysis report on the Chinese secret project-the Liaoning Ship . The report was based entirely on the pictures on the Internet blog, and performed an astonishing "physical examination" of the Liaoning ship, which "revealed" its various potentials. Jeffrey Lin has been in various military forums in China for a long time, because there are people who claim to be military experts, veterans, and military enthusiasts from all walks of life. Therefore, our mobile electronic devices cannot access foreign websites normally, sometimes you can use Cell Phone Jammer For Small Room to block the signal.